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Build Bridges not Borders! (Maastricht)

Sa 6.10.2018 von 14.00 bis 17.00

Throughout the world, borders are being closed hermetically. More than 300.000 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean Sea over the last decades. This number will only increase now that EU-member states are creating obstacles to NGO lifeboats. Tens of thousands of refugees are stuck on Greek islands and in Italy with no idea what their fate will be. Moreover, instead of closing the humiliating refugee camps in Libya and Turkey, the EU decides to set up even more of them. ‘The right to asylum’ has become totally meaningless.

Upon arrival in the Netherlands those who escaped war and oppression or who are looking for a better life, experience an inhumane treatment. Families that have lived here for more than 5 years are being deported without mercy. Refugees who are not allowed to stay, but also cannot go back, are forced to choose the streets or stay in a cell. Legal procedures take a lot of time, the objective is to deport the most amount of people out of the country.

Under the pressure of an overheard loud minority, politicians are too afraid to defend refugees by providing shelter for people in need. Middle parties also have started to use anti refugee rhetoric to justify their cut-back policies. They act as if refugees are responsible for bad healthcare and expensive housing. This inhumane refugee policy only gives right-wing extremists a broader platform.

That is why we will speak out in solidarity with refugees and demand:

  1. Europe is not a fortress: safe routes now!
  2. Stop the deportations of under aged children and their parents to unsafe countries!
  3. No to scapegoat politics!

We will hold a protest in Maastricht on Saturday 6th of October at 14.00 at De Markt. We want to continue the wonderful protests of last year of Houd Haroon Hier. Supporting organisations are:

  • Amnesty International Students Maastricht
  • GroenLinks
  • Internationale Socialisten
  • Maastricht Students for Palestinian Rights
  • Socialistische Partij
  • individual activists


Sa 6.10.2018
14.00 bis 17.00


Markt Maastricht
Maastricht, 6211CL Niederlande
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